Supplements I took for Egg Freezing/IVF

Egg Freezing and IVF Supplements 


3 months before: Start your supplement regimen

It takes 3 months for any supplements to truly work on your egg quality. It can be hard to wait that long when time is of the essence, so if you are even considering egg freezing, start popping those pills (with your doctors approval). After reading It Starts with the Egg and various other websites, I take the following supplements daily to prepare for my cycle:

Prenatal - contains many of the substances that can enhance and protect your eggs during maturation

Coq-10 with ubiquinol - powerful antioxidant that improves egg quality and quantity has been shown to increase fertility, particularly for women over 40. It also gives you a higher chance of producing healthy embryos and can even increase AFC and the ovaries' response to medication during an IVF cycle!

DHEA - can help improve pregnancy rates for women with a low ovarian reserve. Noted results include higher follicle counts and more eggs retrieved.

Vitamin D - has been shown to increase live birth rates as it positively impacts the lining of the uterus.

Fish Oil - has been shown to improve female fertility by increasing egg quality.