Top 10 Registry Items for a New Mom

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of options that exist for babies today. For example you can find bassinets ranging from $50 to the very expensive $1700 SNOO. As a single mom-to-be, I am working with a budget and wanted to make sure the products I chose gave me the most bang for my buck (sorry SNOO).I'm using Babylist as my registry because it allows your guests to buy from any website and also tells them which site has the best price for each item.

I thought it would be helpful to put together my top 10 items for a new mom, and how they are beneficial whether you are a SMBC like me, or just know you can't always rely on a second set of hands! These items I also marked as my "Must Haves" on my registry. There are plenty of baby items I registered for that are cute and will be useful, but I know there are certain thing I won't be able to live without! 

1. Hatch Rest

Almost every mom I know has one of these. It does everything. It's a night light, sound machine, time-to-rise alarm, and clock. You can customize the colors and sounds to your likings and it also helps let older kids when it's ok to wake up and get out bed! You can easily tap it on or off or use your app to control it.

2. Skiphop Wipe Clean Changing Pad

This is an item I couldn't decide between with the Keekaroo Peanut Changer. I knew I wanted a changing mat that wiped clean after seeing my sisters beautiful cloth one always covered with a disposable liner. What's the point if it's just going to be covered with paper all the time? And I think we can agree of ALL places, the changing pad is most likely to see some poo explosions. The Skiphop changing pad was almost half the price of Keekaroo and in my opinion, has a much cleaner look and is less bulky. I would just recommend getting a changing mat to put underneath it since there are some metal pieces that could scratch your furniture if you're not careful! I also removed the mobile for the time being!

3. Halo Bassinet 3.0

I was really excited to see the 3.0 version come out, because I had heard that the previous version was very heavy and the bassinet didn't come off. I went with this bassinet for many reasons. It has mesh sidings for breathability and making baby easy to see, and it's the only option that goes over your bed and swivels which will be so nice when you're already waking up multiple times throughout the night. You can also lower the side wall so you don't have to do any extra bending or twisting. The best feature of this ner version is you can easily pick up the bassinet and move it around the house for safe naps and lounging. And it already comes with your mattress and 1 fitted sheet!

4. Happiest Baby Swaddle

I witnessed the magic of this swaddle first hand when my niece came home from the hospital. While all of the swaddle blankets that people gift you are so cute, they are extremely hard to actually wrap baby in correctly. I watched my sister struggle to get my niece swaddled and feeling safe for a few days before she ordered this swaddle on Amazon, and what a difference it made. It was SO easy to put her in, just a velcro middle and then zip them in!

5. Diaper Genie

An oldie, but a goodie. It's not the newest diaper pail on the market, but I prefer some of it's classic features compared to the newer brands. For example, the Ubbi is one I see most new moms getting, since it claims that the steel frame locks in odors, but I have walked into my nieces nursery plenty of times gagging from the stench (sorry sis). It has a handle you have to open with a hand to get the diaper in, and when you are holding a baby still on the dresser with one hand, a diaper in the other, which hand are you supposed to use to open the pail? That's why I like the Diaper Genie, it has a foot pedal to open, genius. There is also a built-in antimicrobial to prevent germ spread. Plus, the Genie has a clamping system to keep out odors. 

6. Nanit Pro Baby Monitor

I knew from the beginning a high tech baby monitor was something I wanted to splurge on as a single mom. I chose the Nanit because of its high quality video with real-time sound, motion alerts, and best of all, sleep tracking. It's the only baby monitoring app that provides a time-lapse highlight reel of the night and optional data plans with more fun features. Most importantly, it monitors your baby's breathing motion if you choose to use the breathing wear it comes with. Moms have told me they love looking back at sweet highlight moments the system saves for you - something single moms can often miss capturing!

7. Ingenuity Baby Swing 

I wasn't sure if I needed a swing at first. They seem big and bulky, and from what I hear can really be hit or miss with babies. But after a lot of research I chose this one. It's foldable for easy storage and has 5 swing speeds, 11 different sounds, a quiet motor, and it's timer operated.  

8. Snuggle Me

I was going back and forth between this and the DockATot for awhile. Some mothers get both, but I ultimately decided for my needs as a solo mom, one smaller more snug lounger would work best. The snuggle be is the better option for babies when they are smaller because it mimics being held in their mothers arms. It's like a cozy little cocoon for when your tired arms need a rest and the cover comes off to wash any messes baby may make!

9. Boppy Pillow

This pillow will give loads of relief to your tired arms and back while feeding - whether breast or bottle. And as baby grows you can use it to help them sit up! The slipcover is machine washable saving the headache of ruining any throw pillows. Most moms even take this to the hospital with them!

10. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini 

I see this item being my best friend as a SMBC. You can use it from the newborn stage and is super comfortable for baby. It's easy-on and off with 2 front-carrying positions, allowing both of your hands to be free to do whatever it is you need to do while keeping baby close! I'm thinking putting the dishes away, a quick errand, things like that! I've seen parents struggle to put on other brand baby carriers with all of the clips and straps, so an easy-on carrier was a must for me!

I hope this list helps you as you begin shopping for baby! I will be sure to post updates on how things are working once my bundle of joy arrives in December!