Pregnancy - That Weird In Between Stage

Last night I went for a summer stroll and found myself thinking about how being pregnant has you in this weird in-between life stage. You know that the everyday life you have known for so long is going to change completely in a matter of months, yet you can’t fully embrace that old life anymore. 

Everywhere I walk in my neighborhood is filled with memories of the life I am leaving behind. I see the apartments of men I once dated, places my friends used to live, bars/restaurants where we spent so many nights hanging out. A time of life where a drop of a group text message could lead to a summer day on a boat and late nights with laughter.

And now this summer, I am spending my time with my family and preparing my condo as much as I can before my little boy arrives this Christmas. Pregnancy makes your life change in an instant. And I am grateful because it is change I worked for and I am excited for, but now that I am in my 2nd trimester, I'm becoming more attuned to how big of a change this will be...

Summer is normally a great time for me to go on dates. The weather is great and I don't have to worry about work. But i’ve pretty much taken the idea of dating off the table for now. I can’t imagine using an app and talking to a man then dropping in the little fact that I am pregnant. I’m sure there are men that are open to it, but I honestly have become so exhausted from dating over the years that it’s a nice break to not be putting so much energy into swiping and making small talk in the hopes that he’ll ‘be the one’. 

The good news, is that I can put that energy towards nesting and reading up. Right now 6 months feels like forever, but I also know it will fly by.  I want to savor every morning that I can sleep-in, the quiet moments snuggling on the couch with my dog and Bravo on, the ease in which I can leave the house to run a quick errand or go out to eat. I'm worried that since I am an older mom that I am so set in my ways of only taking care of myself for so long, the change will be that much harder. 

But I know once I hold that little baby in my arms, none of that stuff will matter anymore. It will all be worth it.