Fertility Results and What They Mean

Ever since I started thinking about my fertility, I have been surprised at how little I know. From my first fertility workup at 34, freezing my eggs at 35, to now going through IVF at 38, I am still learning something new everyday. 

I’ve had blood work done twice, and multiple appointments with my Reproductive Endocrinologist about the results, but nothing has been explained to me as clearly as my Modern Fertility results. These are the initial results I got from my Modern Fertility Kit:

As I dug deeper into my results, I began to learn a lot more about my eggs. The first big fertility indicator is your AMH. In the past, I had my blood drawn while I was on birth control, this can slightly alter your results. I took my Modern Fertility test while I was off birth control, which gave me a slightly higher AMH.

"Age is the best predictor of how healthy your eggs are." Pay attention to this!
Wish this wasn't true, but I've seen it first hand.

A great visual of what happens to our eggs as we age.
The second big fertility indicator is FSH. My FSH is high for my age, and all of the information below has proven true with my 4 egg retrievals. I have been on the highest dose of medication during my cycles because of my FSH. 

In my 4 retrievals, I always ranged from 11-14 eggs.

From 35-38, my number of mature eggs diminished drastically.

This next bit of information was important for me to read since the media is always sharing stories of celebrities having babies well into their 40's and even 50's!

I'm thankful for the information Modern Fertility has given my with this easy at home test. It reaffirms that I am doing the right thing at my age by pursuing motherhood while I still have the chance. If you know you want to be a mother one day or are just curious for more information about your fertility, click here for $20 off your fertility kit!