How I'm Prepping for my Transfer

I can’t believe I am FINALLY preparing for my frozen embryo transfer. After a lot of research and asking you all questions, I’m breaking down my plan into 3 different sections. 


In the 2 weeks while I am on estrace and starting progesterone, I am going to make sure to do light exercise at least 20 minutes daily and drink 64oz of water. This helps with blood flow to the uterus and makes a nice sticky lining before the transfer!

Continue Taking Supplements

  • Vitamin D -It is thought that vitamin D is important for the implantation of an embryo to the lining of the womb and deficiency of vitamin D may reduce the chances of pregnancy from in vitro fertilization treatment.
  • Prenatal - for obvious reasons - this is the one I have been taking with no issues and it includes DHA which is recommended 
  • Probiotic with Lactobacillus - my RE recommended this, it helps to restore the microbiome balance in your gut and vaginal tract (ie avoiding any unwanted bacteria near the embryo)
  • Fish Oil - Increased consumption of Omega 3's has been associated with improved embryo implantation

The day before my transfer I'm going to prepare warm nutritious foods to help make the area surrounding my uterus warm and cozy!

Day of and Day After Transfer

I’m taking the day of and day after transfer off to stay home and rest. My RE did not say this was necessary, but that I should do whatever makes me feel comfortable in the days after. So for my own peace of mind, I know resting is what will make me feel like I am giving myself my best chance for implantation. After all, it’s believed that implantation occurs on the day of or day after the embryo transfer, so these are two days to relax and pamper myself. 

I will also...

  • Wear socks to keep my feet warm
  • Eat nutritious foods - based on my research i'll include avocados, eggs, spinach, and bone broth
  • Avoid cold drinks

Post Transfer - 2 Week Wait 

At my clinic, the 2 week wait is actually only 10 days. I will go back to teaching 2 days after my transfer and for the next 6 days I will anxiously analyze every symptom (just kidding…I will relax....)

I’ll add back in gentle exercise to keep my blood flowing and eat like I am pregnant, because as they say, you are now PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)! Exercising every single day allows the hips to move, and thus increases the blood flow towards the uterus.  Did you know that when you raise your heart rate you multiply the number of times that fresh, oxygenated blood flows through your body? And this includes your uterus!

**Tips for Progesterone Injections- from my RE!

  • Warm up the oil in your hands or armpits before using the needle
  • Ice your injection site
  • Apply heat and massage the injection site afterwards 

I’m using these small heating compression gels to help. I also ordered these small band aids because I was a bleeder after my injections thanks to the blood thinning properties in fish oil.