2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and that means it's holiday gift time. I put together a few items that I think any new mom would love to get for either herself or her baby!

For a New Mom

Solly Baby Wrap

A great gift for any new mom. I love the ease of wearing a wrap to increase connection with a new baby and allowing mama to get things done. Solly wraps come in a ton of cute designs and colors (I have the sage green) and are buttery soft for comfortable wearing in babies 8-25 pounds! The "Winterbloom" print is a great option for holiday gifting, 

Pivo Pod Lite Smartphone Camera Mount

I saw this and immediately wanted it. You can mount your phone for easy family Facetime calls and snapping photos without that awkward selfie angle. It also comes with a remote control. I like that its small enough that you can easily transport around to snap pictures of you and baby anywhere. 

Black & White iPhone Case

You know how new babies can only focus on black and white colors? Well, by switching your iPhone case to a black and white one, you can get your baby to focus on the camera for those adorable newborn shots we are all craving! 

Bodily Bras

This may be more of a gift you buy for yourself this holiday season, but your newly growing lady friends will thank you for it. These bras provide enough stretch for all-day and night comfort in a buttery soft non-toxic fabric. Even better, they have just released bras for every stage of motherhood from pregnant to a seasoned nurser. 

Every new mom deserves every bit of luxurious comfort they can get. This wearable throw is a cardigan and blanket wrapped into one. And since it is made by Barefoot Dreams, you know the quality of snuggles mama is about to enjoy will be top notch. 

For a Baby

LOVEVERY Play Gym - $140

Even if the baby you are buying for already has a play gym, the LOVEVERY Play Gym will be a gift parents will be thanking you for for years to come. Not only is it the most educational play gym I have seen, but it also transforms into a cozy fort for toddlers to play and read in. A great multi-use gift that will give your baby years of entertainment!

Bonus: The Play Gym is also aesthetically pleasing and will look great in your living space

LOVEVERY Play Kits - $80 per kit, 0-12 months 

These Play Kits make a great gift from the newborn stage all the way up to age 4. There’s no stressing about what toys to gift that are developmentally appropriate - LOVEVERY has taken care of that for you!

Sherpa Polka Dot Kids Lounge Chair 

The polka dot sherpa print is new this year and I can't wait to get my hands on it. A cute and cozy chair for baby to grow into makes the perfect gift under the tree. Little ones love feeling like they have their own special chair to read and play in. It's easy to move from room to room and the new camel and white colors keep it from being an eyesore. Add a little special bonus by personalizing it!