Packing Your Hospital Bag

Packing your hospital bag can be overwhelming! There are so many suggestions for what you should bring. How do you decide what you will actually need?

My advice - keep it simple and comfy. Remember that the hospital is going to have everything you need from a sanitary and medical standpoint. Your job is to pack the comforts of home to help you relax in the first blissful days of motherhood! Below is the list I made as I packed my bag:

And here are some links for the actual items I packed! 

10 foot long charging cord - you will need this to make sure you can charge your phone from the hospital bed

Roku - I read about this as a great idea to pop into the room's tv as an alternative to an iPad. You don't know how long you'll be in labor, and it might be nice to stream a comfort show (i.e. Friends)

Water bottle or Stanley Quencher - I prefer my water ice cold so this was a must pack for me

Car seat - and car seat cover for winter - The carseat I am using as well as the the cover I got for the winter months - Babies can't wear jackets in carseats, so this cocoon cover is the perfect alternative to make sure he is warm when he feels that first bitter New England air! (disregard the cover if your baby is due in any other season)

Cozy blanket for mom & baby - Hospital blankets are thin - I wanted a comforting blanket to snuggle under in those first few days - This blanket has been my goto ever since my sister gave it to me as a gift a few years ago - it is the best!

Cute swaddle with hat or bow - I LOVE a cute set, and baby will too :) 

Nursing bra - These ones are the best quality and most comfortable I have found to date! 

Button-down nightgown - avoid packing anything that may feel constricting to your midsection 

Barefoot cardigan - Another good item incase you get chilly - feels like you are wearing a blanket 

Nipple cream - Will report back on if I like this brand, but this is coming with me for sure 

Headband - These were a throwback to my teen years, but I wanted something comfortable to keep my hair out of my face without a headache 

Cloud Slides - size up for feet swelling and socks

Sound machine - It's never to early to start using white noise with your baby