My Storybook Baby Shower

 Leading up to my baby shower as a single mom by choice, I felt a lot of different emotions. This was the first shower that was actually be thrown for ME. I've spent 10+ years going to bridal and baby showers, each one with a passing reminder that I hadn't reached that milestone in life yet. Of course you are happy to celebrate the exciting time in your friends lives, but there is always that little voice in the back of your mind wondering, "When will it be my turn?" 

Since I decided to become a SMBC, I took that life milestone into my own hands, and this past weekend, celebrated my baby boy with a beautiful storybook themed shower. 

For such a special celebration, I would say my shower was on the smaller intimate side. I don't have a lot of family that lives nearby, so besides my mom and sister, I invited friends and coworkers. There were about 20 guests so we decided to make it a cozy event at my condo in Boston.

My sister went above and beyond with the decor. It was way more than I could have ever imagined. And the cake! If I gain 5+ pounds this week it'll be because of this delicious baked good. Scroll down for some photos of the decor, and don't forget to notice the cute "Once Upon a Baby" sign she snuck in above the Momosa Bar!